Baker Street
Baker Street news
01-09-2021 | Various items for Chantal's Pajama Party.        15-09-2021 | Delivery of a new walkie-talkie system in the Luxor Theater Rotterdam.        04-08-2021 | Design and implementation of the communication system in Amare The Hague.        14-05-2021 | For the new SBS6 program 'The Wheel', Baker Street has produced 'The Wheel', as well as the candidate wheel.        25-12-2020 | Realization of automated soundproof sliding doors for Big Brother 2021, and 2021.        20-11-2020 | Video entertainment automation for, van Berge Henegouwen.        26-08-2021 | Baker Street also provided a crash track for Lego Masters Spain.        29-10-2020 | First prototype finished of the Baker Street Drop Arms.        20-07-2021 | Production work for Spiderman 3, No Way Home.        01-08-2021 | Turning chairs, and LED wall rails -for already- season 13 of the Voice of Holland.        05-01-2021 | Production of some game techniques for the SBS6 program Marble Mania.        03-03-2021 | After the success of the "crash track" at Lego Masters S1, we make a destruction machine for S2.