Baker Street

About Baker Street

Baker Street was established in January 2005, when Henk Bakker started his own company following a long career in the world of theatre, films and television.

Henk’s career started with De Meervaart, a theatre in Amsterdam where he worked as an all-round theatre technician, after which – in 1991 – he started working with Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties (currently known as Stage Entertainment). His position, which progressed from troubleshooter, to stage manager and technical manager, involved him in the start-ups of all the large theatre productions and musicals of Joop van den Ende in the Netherlands and abroad.

Since setting up his own company, Baker Street, Henk has focussed on entertainment engineering, technical applications and specials for the theatre, films and television, for national and international clients. Alongside these activities, Baker Street specialises in technical and production management and is also active as producer of theatre and entertainment.

Baker Street news
26-01-2018 | Draaibord bij zuiderzee museum experience, druk bezocht.        01-11-2017 | Engineering started, for a wireless controlled puppet, ZDF Broadcast        05-09-2017 | Final game for TV program 'more music in the class' AVRO/TROS        10-08-2017 | 78 foot long, automated dance bridge realised in club 1/3 Beijing China.        17-06-2017 | Launch platform made for -step in time- act, Dance, Dance, Dance, TV show        20-04-2017 | Turnig chairs for TV program 'The Story of my Live'        20-05-2017 | Automated lifting wall for Warner Media,' Little Big Strars' and 'Who Knows Better'        01-02-2017 | Realization of 20 game fall platforms, for TV broadcast "Janzen and van Dijk" - Talpa media.        02-01-2017 | Technical production management for new cabaret show, Jochem Myjer, " adem in adem uit ".        14-11-2017 | Baker Street realises internal broadcast radio for, blind and visually impaired, by KNVB.        08-11-2018 | Technical production management for x-mas circus, in royal theatre Carré.        01-10-2017 | Automated stage elevators for music show, Amstel Live! 2018        20-09-2017 | Dropping floor, for show 'Happy Hour'